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The year has started quite well, actually amazing, for PokerStars. They’ve seen their one hundred millionth player register for an account on a couple of days ago, which has triggered the massive 100M Celebration. And it’s all about PokerStars giving back to the community that helped to shape the network and make it the world’s premier online poker site. Let’s take a look at all the promotion in detail and help you make some cash!

We knew that PokerStars was a massive network of online poker sites, including Full Tilt and PokerStars in France, Spain and Italy, among others. So when a user called ArtiB73 set up an account for himself just last week, he wouldn’t have known what a massive effect he would have on online poker.

Not only did he join one of the very best poker sites out there, but he also indirectly launched colossal 100M Celebration. Yes, that’s one hundred million and let us spell it out for you – 100,000,000. The entire promotion consists of three parts, so let’s look at each one in more detail, allowing you to participate and win money, money, money!


VIP Steps Challenge

PokerStars VIP ChallengesTaking place from the 1st to the 14th of February is the VIP Steps Challenge, which will offer up extra StarsCoin rewards. The premise is simple – you play poker, earn StarsCoin and then use them to  buy all kinds of goodies. Prizes range from tourney tickets, luxury items, electronics and everything in between so jump right on.

If you aren’t familiar yet, the VIP Steps is the brand new method of earning the loyalty currency at PokerStars, but it’s easy to grasp. Essentially, you will see a progress bar fill up when you complete challenges and you’ll be awarded StarsCoin. And as part of this 100M Celebration, there are more StarsCoin up for grabs for completing the challenges. They are as follows:

  • Challenge 1 – finish three VIP Steps to win up to 1,000,000 StarsCoin
  • Challenge 2 – finish ten VIP Steps to win up to 2,000,000 StarsCoin

The amount of the reward you get will depend on which level of VIP you are classed as, as well as on your luck, but you can see the full details on that here. For example, the chance of getting 1,000,000 at Chrome Star level in Challenge one is 0.01%, but getting that amount at PlatinumStar level is 0.15%. Meanwhile, you can count on almost guaranteed amounts of StarsCoin: 61% of BronzeStar players will get 50 coins for finishing Challenge 2 and GoldStars stand 47% chance to get 250 coins.


PokerStars Milestone Challenges

When the VIP Challenges are up, the Milestone Challenges start and run from February 15th till 29th. Remember, it’s a leap year so we’ve got one extra day of this promotion – good stuff!

PokerStars Daniel Negreanu PortraitThis time around, players have to complete challenges that are set in relation to milestones that are part of PokerStars’ history. For example, there are challenges to honour the very first WCOOP main event, another challenge to note the launch of EPT or a challenge to mark the occasion when Daniel Negreanu joined Team PokerStars Pro.

You can choose from two challenges – gold or silver – and once you click ‘Start’, you’ll get 24 hours to complete it. When you, you’ll be randomly awarded a sum of cash, tickets to All-In Shootout worth $10K and $20K, plus other prizes too. Just keep in mind that you must play with stakes of at least $0.05. There are more rules and conditions, all of which are spelled out here.


VIP Club Tournament With $100,000 Added

Last but not least, there is the $100,000 Added VIP Club tourney that will take place on February 27th at 17:15 ET. A mere 50 StarsCoin will get you to participate and we bet you’ll have plenty of those when you’ve been completing the special challenges that we described above. And just how magical could it turn out to be – making 50 coins into a lofty $100,000!


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