Changes to PartyPoker Loyalty Program and $500K Guarantee Tournament

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Someone commented recently that I spend too much time writing about PartyPoker. While it might be true that I spend a lot of time writing about it, I don’t think you can say that it’s “too much” time, even that the site is one of the biggest online poker rooms and one of the most prolific in the industry in terms of news. Today proves this point, as PartyPoker announced brand new changes being made to its loyalty program, and the $500,000 guaranteed tournament taking place to mark the event.

Loyalty Changes

PartyPoker Loyalty Program BannerFrom the 1st March 2015, players at PartyPoker will notice a change to the way the loyalty program works. Basically this is good news for players as the main difference we’ll be seeing is a reduction in the number of loyalty points required to increase your level at the site, and on top of this, we’ll have a greater choice over the way we redeem our points!

The only loyalty level which won’t be experiencing a change is Bronze – but this is because you automatically begin at this level when you sign up anyway, meaning that there’s no need to earn entry. Whereas it used to take you 400 points per month to get yourself to the Silver level, it will now only take 50. It used to take solid 1,000 points per month to get you to the Gold level, but that’s been dropped all the way to 750. The biggest drop by far is in the required points to get you to the Palladium level; where it once required 9,000 points, it will now only take you 2,000 points per month to get you all the way to the top.

Players will also have more control over what happens with their points. While they can claim prizes and cash worth up to 22.22% of the value of their points, they’ll also have the option to buy into tournaments which correspond to their level each week using their points. For more on the changes, you’re best checking out the Points Store once the changes come into effect to see what you’ll be able to do with your points.

$500,000 Tournament

$500,000 Guaranteed Tournament at PartyPokerWe all know there’s no point changing your rewards scheme unless everyone is going to take notice, which is probably why PartyPoker is making sure the new points arrangement lands with a splash. A $500,000 splash.

The 1st March will not only see the launch of the new loyalty system, but also the $500,000 Guaranteed Tournament, which will see players fighting it out for a share of the half million prize fund, where the player who comes in 1st place will walk away with a massive $100,000 prize.

While you can get into the tournament if you pay $200 entry, you can also land yourself a free seat by winning one of the freerolls being held in each level. The higher level you’re in, the more free seats are available. You have until the 28th of Feb to earn enough points and get into as high a level as possible, you’ll automatically win entry into one of your level’s freerolls, and the winners of those will gain entry into the $500,000 Tournament.

Ten seats are available to Bronze players; twenty seats are available to Silver player; thirty seats are open to Gold player; while Palladium players have access to 40 seats! It really does pay to get yourself up there!

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