PokerStars To Host £1 Million Freeroll From March 19th

1 million freeroll pokerstars

Back in March 19th, 4 freeroll tournaments were announced by PokerStars, each with a pot holding a massive £1 Million. True to their word, those tournaments are now here, with the first taking place on March 19th. The entire tournament will take place online, with an estimated 100,000 players expected to take part in the event.

The lucky winner will be walking away with £20,000.

Entering The £1,000,000 Freeroll

Because of the scale of the tournament, PokerStars are hosting 2 ways that players can compete, in order to enter the freeroll. The chance to enter will run until 2 hours before the event, which will begin on March 19th, 2016 at 13:04 (GMT). To be precise.

The prices to enter will either be simply the cost to play one hand of poker for the first method or £20 for the second method.

Method 1

This is the cheaper of the methods. All you have to do is head over to the Challenges Window on the PokerStars client. There, you simply need to follow the onscreen instructions to opt in for your tickets.

Once your ticket has been applied for, you then simply need to compete in:pokerstars online poker

  • One single hand of poker, playing real money


  • One poker tournament, wagering real money

Once you have completed either of these, you will then receive your ticket to enter the second round.

The next stage of entry is slightly more intense than the first. Players must use their ticket to enter a 90 player Sit n Go satellite. By finishing in the top 9 of this will net you a seat at the £1 Million Freeroll. Multiple satellites will be hosted in the days running up to the freeroll.

Method 2

There are also additpokerstar tournamentional methods to get in, which includes yet another 90 man tournament, but the method of entry is different. You can pay to play, by depositing £20, while using the code Million1. This will allow you to enter an alternative 90 man Sit n Go satellite.

There will be several of these hosted throughout the days leading up to the freeroll.

Win The Pot At PokerStars Freeroll

The scale of this competition is set to be massive, with a 100,000 player cap on the event. Plenty of satellites will be hosted until the final 2 hours before the first cards of the freeroll are shuffled, in order to hit that huge player limit.

The number of payouts and competitors will be massive and even the numpokerstars chipsber of payouts will still hit the tens of thousands. Sadly you can’t win the whole million, but if you play right, you can definitely get a tasty return on your £20 entrance fee.

And then of course, the winner is given the chance to take home the grand chunk of the pot, leaving with £20,000. You have a few days left, right up until crunch time. So head on over to PokerStars and sign up for the Million Pound Freeroll today.

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