Free Shot at PokerStars’ Spin & Go Anniversary $1M Prize

Spin & Go Tournament at PokerStars - Anniversary BannerPokerStars is on fire. Just last week, it made six lucky punters millionaires in its Spin & Go one year anniversary version. This lottery style promotion features buy ins at just 50 cents or nothing at all, and has prize pools you wouldn’t even dream of! So if you haven’t got in on the action just yet, we will tell you how to get a chance to become yet another millionaire and change your life.

Spin & Go has been a wild ride for all those involved; it’s only been a year that PokerStars have introduced this fast-paced tournament, but it’s already become one of the most favourite tourneys for online poker players out there. But don’t be fooled by the outwardedly small size of these mini tournaments. Although only three people partake in each, they are played at hurricane speeds and have payouts that can be anywhere from doubling to quadrupling, to multiplying your buy-in by a thousand. No wonder it’s so popular!

Anniversary First Deposit Offer

Because Spin & Goes have been going so well, PokerStars have launched this anniversary event, playing off $1M. Notice that the million isn’t guaranteed, but if the fact that already six people have become millionaires is anything to go by, then we’d say it’s pretty much $1M guaranteed.

Winning such a sum would be incredible, but PokerStars have made this promotion even better because the buy-in can be potentially free, thus the first deposit offer. If you are a new player at this huge poker site, then you simply have to make your first deposit of at least £13 ($20) or more. Don’t forget to use the code SPIN1. pokerstarsAnd if you are an existing player already, simply buy your tickets at $0.50 each.

Depending on your luck, you will then receive anywhere from 10 to 50 Spin & Go tickets absolutely free! Yup, these free tickets that you receive by depositing can be used to play in the real money Spin & Go tournaments. We will go as far as to speculate this. Say you deposit £13 and your lucky tickets get you £500. Awesome! £50,000? Even better! The sums can go as high as a million so keep your fingers crossed!

But that’s not all. Just when you wanted to jump in on the action, there are more rewards for making your first deposit at PokerStars. You’ll get free $10 credited to you, to be used within 36 hours, plus a ticket to the 100K Privilege Freeroll too (to be used for 31 days, four times a day).

Regularly, the Spin & Goes with a $1M prize have a $100 buy-in, so we think it’s pretty clear you have to take advantage of the 50 cent shot at $1M. We swear we haven’t seen better odds anywhere else! One last thing, the promotion will run until 30 November – don’t forget to use up your free tickets until then.


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