PokerStars $15,000,000 Turbo Championship of Online Poker 2015

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PokerStars has truly outdone itself this time. Players have been looking forward to the upcoming Turbo Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars for some time, but it wasn’t until today that the vastness of the guaranteed prize fund was revealed. PokerStars has today announce that $15 million is being made available in guarantees for the event.

The 2015 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is the fourth annual event of its kind, and each year we’ve seen the guarantees grow and grow along with the popularity of the tournament. Running from 22nd January to 1st February, there’s plenty of time for you to take part in and win one of the many satellite events which are being held for entry into each of the event in the series calendar.

The fast playing style of the events and the extremely broad range of buy-ins means two things. Firstly, the events will only last a couple of hours, so are prefect for users on mobile or tablets. Moreover, there’s something to appeal to every kind of player, whether they’re recreational or professional, or anything in between.

TCOOP is made up of 50 different events (yes, you can win entry into any of them thanks to the satellites). I’ve listed a few of my top picks for events to enter below:

Event Number 23 – NL Hold’em 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo – 26th Jan, 14:00

PokerStars logo on black backgoundWhile most will have their eye on the top prize (check it out below) the savvy among you will be thinking seriously about this event on the 26th Jan. With a prize pool of $350,000, it may be offering only about a 6th of the main event, but that can definitely play to your advantage in terms of less competition.

Event Number 28 – NL Hold’em Turbo, Re-Entry – 28th Jan, 08:00

One of the reasons I think this an event worth checking out is that it falls on my birthday (and now you know, so have to get me a present). Other than that, it’s also one of the events that has the best conversion of buy in to guaranteed prize pool. With a mere $82.00 up, you could win a share of an amazing $250,000!

Event Number 49 – $700.00 NL Hold’em Main Event Turbo – 1st Feb, 15:30

I couldn’t not mention the main event, where the prize pool stands at the frankly mind boggling sum of $2,000,000 (40% of the overall pool for the series) and first place is guaranteed $300K+. It might not always be the easiest battle to win, but sometimes these main events are worth it.

Check out the full schedule for information on all the tournaments, and to find out about entering into the satellites for each.

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