Qualify Now For PartyPoker’s Upcoming Pokerfest with $2.5M Guaranteed

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Although it rarely dominates the headlines for its promotions, PartyPoker does host impressive events every once in a while. This year, it’s Pokerfest that you have to be on the lookout for, because the guaranteed prize pool is set at a huge $2.5M sum. There will be 80 events running from 27th of September to 11th of October, exactly coinciding with one of the greatest booze fests Oktoberfests. We are sure there will be lots of poker fun to be had, if not beer.

Although one of the biggest parts of the beauty of online poker is that it can be played from the comfort of your home at almost a moment’s notice, we like to be prepared and plan things quite early. That’s why we thought you’d appreciate to find out, if you don’t know already, about Pokerfest 2015. It’s just like Oktoberfest, but instead of paying tremendous amounts of money for accommodation and entrance fees to the world’s favourite beer festival in Munich, Pokerfest will pay you instead!Party Poker logo

If you ask us, the event that will run from the end of this month well into October, is perfect for recreational players. There won’t be huge names, nor will there be massive buy-ins and half million wins. But everything is set up for someone who plays casual poker and loves to participate in events, challenge him/herself against other punters and walk away with reasonable amounts of cash, not to mention getting a great self-confidence boost.

There will be 80 events that you can qualify for in the satellites or simply buy in. The buy-ins range from $4 to £2,100 and absolutely everything in between, whilst the payout potential is massive! There are guarantees of as little as $5,000, all the way up to quarter of a million dollars and even $300,000 for the main event.

What’s more is that PartyPoker is selling packages to buy-in at select events. So if you’d like to sit at all the $5 events (13 in total), you can buy it pre-packaged for $65. Similarly, there are packages for all Mega Sats (8 events for $250), all $10 events (15 events for $150), and the ultimate package to participate in all 80 events for $8,290. Call us stingy, but we’d love a discount when buying a package…maybe next year.

It’s sure going to be one hell of a tournament – don’t forget to stock up on German beer and participate in the satellites now or buy your tickets to get your slice of the $2.5M guaranteed.


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