Three Reasons to Head to Titan Poker Right Now

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TitanPoker has set itself the New Year’s resolution of giving back to its players, and is demonstrating its commitment this month by offering three great reasons to head over to the site and play. As well as lucrative new depositor freerolls, players are also invited to take part in the continuing Rake It In promotion, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve all got the Sit n Go Master Chase to look forward to.

I may have been a little hasty a couple of weeks ago when I suggested that Carbon Poker was the only place to play this January, and with the three big goings on at TitanPoker, I reckon James is getting his wish for more competition for PokerStars which he asked for in his 2015 poker preview article. Let’s take a look at each of the deals in a little more detail.

€10,000 New Depositors Freerolls

If you’re new to TitanPoker, then you’re in for a treat during January and February. When you make your first deposit at TitanPoker you’ll receive entry into one of the £25,000 Depositor Series Freerolls, which give you a shot at landing a share of £25,000 for absolutely nothing! That’s not all though, because you’ll also receive entry into the next £10K Monthly Bonanza freeroll. That’s all just for making your first deposit.

If you make any subsequent deposits before the end of February, you’ll be able to take part in yet another £25,000 Depositor Series Freeroll – in fact, you can gain entry in to one every week until the end of February if you just keep depositing each week!

Rake It In

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You’ve got a whole two weeks – and two races – left to take part in the Rake It In promotion. The promotion is making £16,000 available every week through January, and will be rewarding players who play on the Cash and Speed tables at Titan. If you play on these tables, you’ll earn Titan points. If you earn enough of these points, you might make it onto the leaderboard. If you make it to the top of the leaderboard, you could pocket £1,000 absolutely free.

While not everyone will take the top prize, there’s plenty of cash to be shared out every week, which will be shared out as follows:

  • 1st Place – £1,000
  • 2nd Place – £700
  • 3rd Place – £500
  • 4th Place – £300
  • 5th Place – £225
  • 6th Place – £175
  • 7th Place – £150
  • 8th-10th Place – £100
  • 11th Place – £80
  • 12th-15th Place – £75
  • 16th-17th Place – £40
  • 18th-20th Place – £30
  • 21st-25th Place – £20

S&G Master Chase

If you’re more of a Sit and Go player, rather than those who play on the Speed or Cash, earning Titan Points can help you gain entry into the Sit n Go Master Chase too. Points earned at S&G tables to towards freeroll entries, and could see you winning up to £10,000 in cash. If you aren’t the winner of the free cash, you can always get yourself entry into one of theSNG Master Chase £500 or £1,500 Freerolls. You can take part in the freerolls with as little as 50 Titan Points! It’s just another way Titan is looking out for you this month.

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