Titan Poker’s iPOPS IX With €1m Guarantees Starts Soon

Titanpoker iPOPS IX Tournament BannerIt’s not often that we feature Titan Poker on Droid Poker, but the tournament that’s launching next Monday is something we got really excited about. Featuring one million euros in guarantees and the quarter million euro main event, the iPoker’s Online Poker Series (iPOPS) ninth installment will be quite something. So win up to four tickets or purchase them to join this awesome event starting next Monday and running until well into the next month. Lots of time to get your hands on some cash. 

How does a share of one million euros sound like? Pretty good, we’d imagine, so here are all the details of the two week long tournament at Titan Poker.

Score some cash at iPOPS IX

First things first – the event is run by iPoker Network, an online poker room owned by Playtech. It’s the third largest poker room globally so no wonder they are putting together tourneys with millions in guarantees. iPOPS is it’s main event franchise and this time around, it’s already the ninth time that it’s happening, attracting both pros and casual players alike.

So, starting Monday, 19th of October, and running until the Sunday, 8th of November, the amicably called event is split into two major parts. There is the Mini Events and the High Events. As the names suggest, the Mini Events feature smaller buy-ins and will run for the first week of the tournament. Think of it as a warm up before the larger sums start rolling in. More specifically, the buy-ins range from just €1 to €20 for the main mini. The guarantees are also smaller, but range from €1,000 to a massive €50,000 at the main mini on October 25th. Titan Poker Logo

Now, the High Events are a bit more high-stake, but still feature manageable buy-ins, starting at €20 and ending up at €200. But the guarantees of High Events are really the most appealing bit about the entire iPOPS IX tournament. Split anywhere from €8,000,to €25,000, to €75,000. And the main draw of it all? The main event is on November 8th at 20:00 sharp, featuring a staggering quarter million euros – that’s €250,000 for the visual learners among us.

It’s a little weird that whilst the tournament is only available to UK players, the prize pool comes in euros, but hey ho. We wouldn’t look at what currency the main prize is, unless it’s Zimbabwean dollars, as long as we get to spit that prize of the main event. We’ll see you at Titan Poker and good luck to all!

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