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PartyPoker's 100K Guaranteed Cobra

Have you always wanted to go against championship boxer Carl Froch, not in boxing but in poker? That’s a pretty obscure dream, but now it can become a reality, thanks to the 100K Guaranteed Cobra Tournament at PartyPoker. But it’s not only Frosh whom you can knockdown in a round of online poker, as there are other world’s top poker players to try your luck against too. So why not try your luck and knock some of them down? If not for money, which is great of course, then for your poker pride!

This is certainly a promotion that we’ve never seen before, so we have to applaud PartyPoker for being so inventive. Sure, there’ve been tourneys where you get to mingle with the rich and famous in the poker world, but never a boxer. It’s going to be fun, rewarding and fierce!

What Is The Cobra About

If you are wondering why the promotion is called The Cobra 100K Guaranteed, then we’ll be happy to inform you that Cobra is the amicable nickname of Carl Froch. This two time World Boxing Council Champion, World Boxing Association Champion, International Boxing Federation Champion and so on is returning to the world of entertaining the crowds by participating in this PartyPoker promotion and you could actually play against him!

Rob Yong Poker Player

Rob Yong’s Poker Face

But it’s not just Froch that will grace the PartyPoker tables with his presence. There will be Bounty players too, special players that you’ll be sharing tables with and who have a bounty on their head if you manage to knock them out of the game. The complete list hasn’t been announced yet as new names are being added continuously, but here are the specials so far (and their respective user names):

  • Carl Froch – Carl_Froch
  • Rob Yong – Rob_Yong_
  • Simon Trumper – Simon_Trumper
  • Simon Lazenby – Lazers75
  • Jamie Laing – TBC

Each of these Special Bounty players will have an extra $2,000 bounty on their heads, which goes directly to you if you eliminate them from the game. Well worth putting up a fight, if you ask us.

Get In And Knock Them Out!

Flat out – the buy-in to The Cobra is 109 lofty dollars US. Simpy locate The Cobra tourney in the tab named “Featured” within your PartyPoker interface, pay up and you’ll be in it to win it. What’s more, this is a Bounty tournament and what that means is that most of the money you pay to participate – $82 to be precise – will go directly into the prize pool.

Party Poker logoWhat happens with the rest? That goes to the bounty, which is paid out to you each time you knock a player out of the game. That’s unless you send one of the special celebrity guests out of the game. In that case, you’ll get $2,000 extra awarded to you as we already mentioned above.

The Cobra will take place on the 31st of January, at 19:00 CET sharp, so you’ve got plenty of time to participate in the satellites to gain entry for the fraction of the cost if the $109 sounds a little steep. First, you could play the Ticket satellites starting at just $0.01. Second, you could participate in the daily Mega Sats to gain entry from $22 or third, you can simply buy entry with points at the PartyPoker Points Store. See you at The Cobra!

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