Two Reasons To Head To Winner Poker This November

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Autumn and Winter are the times of year when mobile and online poker players are most active, so with the evening drawing in and the days getting colder, it makes sense that sites are acting now to attract new players for the coming months. It isn’t only PokerStars where we’ve seen changes recently, and one site working hard to make itself attractive to players is Winner Poker, which this week announced not one, but two new incentives for players looking to turn a quick buck.

November €100,000 Depositor Freerolls

Winner Poker Depositor Freerolls BannerThis promotion is pretty a pretty simple one. As the name suggests, it’s running throughout November, and has €100,000 on offer in guaranteed prizes throughout the month. There will be a Freeroll tournaments held at 5pm GMT every Sunday of the month, each of them with a prize fund of £20,000 available to players. The top prize from each tournament will be a heft €1,882.50.

In order to get yourself involved in the Freerolls, you need to make a deposit of at least €10 in the week running up to the tournament, and rake at least €1. There’s a maximum of 7,500 seats in each of the tournaments, so it’s worth getting their early to avoid missing out. Don’t forget, it’s not impossible for you to win 2 or more of the tournaments, and you can pocket the same amount of cash every time.

€2,000 Dirty Dozen Daily Jackpot

Reason number 2 to head to Winner Poker this month revolves around the Dirty Dozen Jackpot; a cheeky €2,000 jackpot which can be yours any day and every day if you can perform one simple task.

“What is this simple task?” I hear you cry. Well, all you need to do is win four consecutive Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. It might sound like a tricky task, but really, if you’re a reasonably good player, your chances aren’t bad.

Dirty Dozen Winner PokerBuying into each tournament will only cost you €2, and you’ll only be up against 11 other players in each game. Even if you win the €2,000 jackpot, you’ll still be allowed to keep all the prize money from each of the individual tournaments, and seeing as each tournament is a 2 table tournament with 12 players at each table, that prize money will really add up.

Obviously Winner Poker wants to cover it’s back, so you can’t play against the same 11 players in all 4 of your winning games, in case you’re in cahoots with them and splitting the money somehow. But, you know, just don’t cheat.

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