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While Titan Poker’s name might be a little over ambitious – given that it’s actually not that giant in comparison to some of the other big sites out there – it makes a little more sense if you think of it applied to its promotions. This one is for players who have got themselves to VIP level 2, but given that the promotion is running from now all the way until the 3rd August 2015, you’ll have plenty of time to get yourself there and start raking in (back) the rewards.

Rakeback Unlimited

Unlimited says it all; this promotion has no limit on the amount of cash you claim back, and for those players who decide to participate, it could be worth an awful lot of cash. It’s a big incentive to get yourself into VIP level 2, as once there, you’ll be able to opt into the promotion by entering the promotion code “RBWEEKLY“.

Once you’ve opted in, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy poker. Play as little or as much as you like, on any table you desire. Basically, you just keep playing exactly as you normally would, and the rewards will come to you. And what are the rewards? Well, at the end of every week during the promotion, you’ll find that a 20% rakeback has been credited back into your account – effectively hooking you up with free cash!

There is one downside to all this, and that’s that through the duration of the promotion, you won’t be able to earn Club Points. You will still be able to take advantage of all the other great deals, offers and promotions Titan will be running in that time, but each player is going to have to decide on the trade-off between whether they think that a generous 20% rakeback is worth more to them than Club Points. In many – if not most – cases, I suspect the answer will be that the rakeback is higher on the priority list.

Whichever way you decide to play it, you’re not going to go far wrong with Titan Poker. The site knows how to look after its players, and it’s the players’ job to play good poker and let the good times roll.

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