Win Big in Free Poker Tournaments from Poker Stars

PokerStars logo on black backgoundPlaying poker is fun but playing in a poker tournament for lots of cash is even more exciting. If you get over to Poker Stars each month this year then you can play for your share of $60K. Hold on to your chips, as these tournaments can get crazy!

Free Poker Tournamentsfreeroll pokerstars

If this sounds great to you then it’s about to get even better, as each of these tournaments are free. At the start of the month, just add in the promo code MONTH2016, so in July you‘d be using JULY2016 and at Christmas you’ll use DECEMBER2016. Once this code is applied to your account you’ll be granted two tickets to each of the games for free.

Depositing and completing daily challenges will get you on the tables and help you win more of these tickets. Up to 25 hands can be won from a single deposit and the daily challenges will bring you up to 4 per day. Then, all you’ll need to do is take part in the games to find out what slice of the prize fund you’ll be going home with.

Daily Challenges

pokerstars chipsIf you’re always playing poker at Poker Stars, the chances are that you might earn some of these free hands by accident. Tap on the Challenges section of the mobile site and you’ll discover exactly how you can gain more entries into these free poker tournaments.

These Poker Stars challenges are super easy to complete and you can max out with all four of them to really make it worth your while. Some can be as simple as playing a couple of hands of poker and others are a little more complex. One thing is for sure, you’re bound to love earning your entries and your share of that massive monthly prize pool.



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