Win a Share of €150,000 at Bet365

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Mobile and online poker players alike should pay a visit to Bet365 Poker as soon as they can, as a massive €150,000 giveaway has just begun. Players of all levels, including players of both Hold ‘Em and Omaha, can claim their chunk of this cash simply by doing what they normally do – playing poker at cash tables.

This new promotion from Bet365 is named Premium Chase, and runs from the 5th November through to the 30th November, so there is plenty of time for you to earn your cash prize. But how exactly does this promotion work? Read on to find out…

How to Earn Your Premium Chase Cash

If you don’t already have a Bet365 account, that’s the first step to take. Opening one up today will see you given €5 instantly, as well as a 200% bonus on your first deposit. When you’ve got the account up and running (it really doesn’t take too long), you’ll need to opt in to the Premium Chase promotion. If you don’t opt in, none of the games you play will be counted towards the promotion and you’ll end up with… nothing.

Once you’ve registered, you simply have to play at cash tables, with maximum blinds of €2/€4 or £2/£4. As you play, you will be rewarded with merit points, much in the same way sites give loyalty points to players (such as FPPs at PokerStars). These are then converted into coins – the more coins you earn, the larger your chunk of the €150,000 prize pool will be. If you want to earn coins faster, you must remember to play at the “Premium Tables”, as these tables offer twice the coins as normal tables. Playing at the highest stakes also leads to more coins.

When the promotion ends, your payout will depend on where you stand in the overall rankings. You don’t have to be number one though, or even in the top 100. In fact, the top 5000 players will receive a prize. Additionally, the total prize pool will probably rise throughout the promotion, as people playing cash games will increase it.

So, head over to Bet365 today and sign up – you could be much richer by Christmas if you do! By becoming a player at Bet365, you’ll also receive a huge number of other benefits, so the fun won’t end at this site when this promotion does…

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