Party Poker Improvements and Christmas Decorations

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We’re heading towards the end of the first week of December, and that means that everyone has their eyes on Christmas. While many poker sites are gearing up to the festivities by running Christmas themed promotions, Party Poker has taken a sideways look at celebrating the holiday, and has created special Christmas themed tables for playing over the next few weeks. Their introduction comes as part of a bigger software overhaul at the site, which Party Poker helps will help increase its market share through the holiday

With all poker products across the site being affected, Wednesday morning saw the site closed down for a whole 6 and a half hours for the improvements to be made. This may sound like a long time, but when one considers the long list of changes which have been made, it’s actually a wonder that the programmers over at Party Poker managed to get it all done in such a small window of downtime.

The changes fall in to two categories. The first – and to my mind far more interesting – category is the stuff that’s actually new, and never before seen on the site. The second category is basically a list of improvements which have been made to existing features. Don’t you worry – I’ll spend more time covering the new stuff!

What’s new?


Party Poker Christmas TableI know what you want to hear about first, so I may as well get it out of the way. Christmas is on the horizon, and things are now starting to look Christmassy at Party Poker. The first change you’ll notice is a main lobby bedecked in Christmas finery, but that’s not the only decorating that’s been done. Once you enter a game, you’ll find that the table felt and player avatars have also been given a Christmas makeover. It’ll all stay that way until early January, so you have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Tournament Checkboxes

A neat new way of uncluttering your lobby is the new checkboxes for running/completed tournaments which have been added. You can now choose whether to display or hide running or completed tournaments simply by checking or unchecking a box. This is nowhere near as cool as the Christmas stuff, but handy nevertheless.

Tournament Ticket Column

Similar to the checkboxes, this one’s designed to help with organisation, orientation, and navigation. The new column – which will be displayed in the lobby – will allow players to sort tournaments in such a way as to display at the top those which will allow them to enter using their currently available tournament tickets. This will hopefully save a lot of trawling looking for likely tournaments, and let you get in the games quicker.

What’s improved?

Auto Post Blind

This is a neat little improvement, which will mean that entering a game in any cash game, blinds will be automatically posted, so that the start of the game can commence in a quicker and smoother fashion.

Enter Button Bet/Raise

A small change, which you’ll hardly notice, but which could make you like quite a bit easier. During cash games, players will now be able to simple hit the ‘Enter’ button on their keyboards to bet or raise; provided the focus is in the bet value edit box.

Casual Cash Game Logo

Not that I really know of anyone running into this problem much, but whatever… The table felt in casual cash games will now display a logo clearly showing that it is a casual cash game. Apparently, the theory is that some people were getting confused about whether games were regular or casual cash games. Ever experienced this problem?

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