PartyPoker Develops New Windows Phone App

PartyPoker Windows App InterfaceGreat news, Windows phone owners. Echo, echo, echo… Just kidding. We believe that a part (albeit small) of our readers tune in on a Windows phone, so they should be delighted to hear that PartyPoker has developed a new phone app that they can download and use. While the rest of poker sites are geared towards Android and iOS primarily, this is a breath of fresh air. Who knows, maybe Windows phone users will all flock to PartyPoker now, boosting their numbers and their tourney guarantees in the future? We wish!

PartyPoker’s New Release

It’s great news that mobile poker is becoming more and more inclusive as PartyPoker release their new, native Windows phone app. Only UK players are able to use it for now and the beta version of the app will definitely undergo improvements in the near future, but it’s still great news for those who needed this app to play on their mobiles.

So what’s in this app, you may ask. Well, it has got Texas Hold’em and Fast Forward games for real money. What’s more is that PartyPoker have never before included Omaha poker in an app, but this new Windows phone will have the advantage of Omaha too. And it’s rumoured that tournaments will be added really soon, so it might even be worthwhile considering to buy a Windows phone!

The app doesn’t just sound great on paper – it looks pretty awesome too. It allows you to do register for an account if you don’t have one, do all of your banking and all of your gaming too. After you check this app out, you won’t ever feel the need to go back to desktop gaming again. Plus, the unique Gesture Based Game Controls allow the users to slide chips to the table with a swipe, up your bet with a tap or to flick the cards away to fold with just a simple motion of your finger. Pretty cool!

PartyPoker Windows App Gesture Control

The app will become available to all dot-com users in the coming months and with Windows phone popularity on the rise, we can see great things happening for this nifty little app. And if these news aren’t totally relevant to you because you’re phone is not a Windows one, then you’ll be glad to know PartyPoker offer both iOS and Android apps too, so that poker is never out of reach. Hooray!

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