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Poker Central LogoDo you live and breathe poker? Is the poker you play on your mobile not enough? Does your news feed not contain enough poker news and action? Well, do not fear – a 24/7 poker channel called Poker Central is launching in just a couple of days on the 1st of October to bring you broadcasts of all the best poker games, as well as some original broadcasting material too. 

Some might say that they get enough poker coverage on TV networks such as ESPN and even Travel channel, but it should come as no surprise that the coverage of poker takes up just a small fraction of their broadcasting time. Cue Poker Central – designed for a with poker fanatics in mind, it will provide global coverage of the game that we all so love, every minute of every day.

What will I be able to see on Poker Central?

Daniel Negreanu

Your bound to see Negreanu on Poker Central

Just about anything really. Those who are sick and tired of watching re-runs of old poker shows and tournaments will specifically be delighted, because Poker Central is said to have thousand upon thousands of hours of original broadcast material and will launch some branded shows starting 2016 too.

From high stakes games, the glitz and glam lifestyle shows, classic shows, tips & tricks, and of course the major poker tournaments with the celebrities headlining them, the TV is set to attract quite a crowd of viewers from around the world. But it gets better as Poker Central plans to broadcast the $500k Super High Roller Bowl.

It will run mid-summer (for more details, keep an eye on our news feed closer to the date), planned to feature an astonishing $25m guaranteed prize pool and all of the biggest faces and names in the world of poker. It will surely be widely talked about, this super prestigious tournament, but Poker Central will broadcast every minute of it too, so you can get in on all of the action yourself!

Can I watch Poker Central if I don’t have a TV?

Needless to say, Poker Central will be a USA-centric network as it’s being launched there and will be broadcast there too. However, with both the programming and the availability of the network, it will be global and encompassing. The network’s bosses have promised, way before the launch, that Poker Central will be available on any platform that their potential viewers might be using – TV, tablet, phone, laptop, you name it.

So to answer the question, yes – you can watch Poker Central if you don’t have a TV and you can even get in on all of the action on your mobile. All in all, if you are as poker obsessed as we are, we are sure you can’t wait for Poker Central to launch either! Finally, a network that’s all about poker, long overdue if you ask us.

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