An Early Impression of The Poker Central TV Network

poker centralA few months ago, Poker Central was announced, the world’s first 24/7 all poker coverage channel. It launched as promised on the 1st October. With a week of broadcasting now currently under it’s belt, Poker Central is getting very lukewarm to negative feedback after its launch.

Accusations range from its launch not being as grand as promised, as well as having a weak opening lineup of programming. With all the negative criticism, what is Poker Central doing to fix its reputation in the future?

Where Is Poker Central Available?

Poker Central was first described as a 24/7 poker centred TV channel. There were talks between the creators of Poker Central, major cable and television networks to bring it to television. A plethora of other major entertainment platforms were also in discussions.

Currently Poker Central is available for the following platforms:

  • Roku TVvideo stream
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One Streaming
  • Filmon.TV
  • Xbox 360 Streaming (13/10/2015)

In terms of initial lineup, Poker Central has quite a few major streaming platforms behind it. The problem is, that’s where it ends. Xbox 36o streaming is set to arrive in a few days from this article, but that’s all there is in regards to upcoming releases.

Chromecast, Apple TV and PS4 streaming are all nowhere to be seen, which is a worry since these are huge areas of the streaming market that Poker Central is missing out on. Poker Central may very well release there in the coming months, but no word of an upcominplease stand byg release at this point is a very worrying sign.

Most importantly, there seems to be no sign of any TV networks involved in their broadcasting options. Since the channel was promoted as a poker TV channel and they said there was discussions to bring it to TV, it’s worrying that TV broadcasting isn’t one of the early adopters.

There is an email list on the Poker Central website, so you can be notified when new streaming options are available.

What Is There To Watch?

Face the AceEarly impressions have been very negative all around for the opening schedule. There’s been a lot of old tournament reruns and several list based shows rating best moments in poker. Reruns of old poker based shows such as Face the Ace have also found their way into the early broadcasts. It’s all very basic programming at the moment.

Poker Central is definitely falling behind the huge live tournaments and up to date news that was originally promised. Of course, it has only been a week at this point and the programming will hopefully improve.However, their website is showing a trend to continue with this current pattern in the near future.

Of course, the future is looking up. Matt Savage has an interview show that is planned at some point in the future. Popular poker player and Twitch streamer Maria Ho, is also set to have a show at some point. The details of these shows are still very absent and if there’s any issues with production, which is highly plausible with a start up channel; they might not even come to fruition.maria ho poker

Another big fear, is that without having ever produced any original content, we can’t be sure of what quality Poker Central’s original programming will be. We have all the faith that they’ve hired the right people, but without knowing what budgets and talent they’ve allocated outside of their presenters, it’s impossible to predict how good their shows will actually be. As much as we love Maria Ho, if her show is as good quality as her Twitch stream, then we may as well stick with that.

For the moment, Poker Central has to fill up the time with something and that something is looking to be what we already have; which isn’t that great.

The Future of Poker Central

We still have hope for Poker Central. Many significant companies and services had horrible launches, but stuck around to tell the tale. We only hope Poker Central has a similar fate.

There’s certainly no shortage of interesting subjects and talent which Poker Central could partner up with. The problem at the moment is that Poker Central has simply released too early. They have arrived, but on limited platforms and promises that everything will be better later.

Holding back the release date may have been the best option, to have some original programming ready in time for the premier. But that isn’t what happened. The potential is there and we’d love a poker only channel. But for now that hope is exactly that; a hope.

poker central coming soon

As Poker Central develops, we’ll be there all the way to keep you up to date with that and everything poker related.

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