PokerStars Expecting Third Boycott In February

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Poker Central – a network dedicated to everything poker, all the time – has signed a deal to broadcast Global Poker League events starting in April. We’ve announced its launch back in October and had lukewarm first impressions, but remain hopeful that Global Poker League championships, tourneys and other events will liven up its broadcasting programme. 

We’re glad to tell you that Poker Central, a network that broadcasts poker content exclusively, has signed a deal with Global Poker League. And for all those unfamiliar with the League, it’d be fair to say that it’s the organisation at the frontier of sportifying poker, with twelve league-owned teams competing for the championship title. And you’d be mistaken to think that such a thing can only take off in America.

Global Poker League LogoThe dozen teams are from all over the world: Las Vegas Moneymakers, New York Rounders, Moscow Wolverines, Montreal Nationals, Sao Paolo Metropolitans, Berlin Bears and a handful of others too. Sounds like fun watching the teams play against each other to capture the Global Poker League’s World Championship 2016 title? Well, you’re in luck, because Poker Central will broadcast all of the action as part of the newly signed deal.

Yet, we won’t blame you if you’re skeptic about Poker Central, Global Poker League, this content broadcasting deal or all of the above. While the response to Poker Central has been neutral or even negative, as the network has failed to create a broadcasting schedule that would excite viewers, sport-style poker that Global Poker League are trying to push isn’t for everyone either. On the other hand, the marriage of the two could be exactly the thing to lift both parties to a higher level.

Success In The Cards?

Pile of Money on Poker TableWe remain hopeful that the Global Poker League will be quick-paced, filled with play-offs, entertaining games and the Championship event itself, so watching the events as they happen starting this April could actually be quite exciting. Namely, Poker Central will have the exclusive rights to air live and recorded Global Poker League matches two times per week, including pre-game and post-game analysis shows too.

While that’s all good, the main problem with all of this is Poker Central, and it’s lack of TV broadcasting to be precise. Although it was advertised as the ‘World’s Only 24/7 Poker TV Network“, it turned out that it isn’t a TV network at all. Poker aficionados can only watch the broadcasting on devices and services like FilmOn.TV, XBox, Amazon FireTV and other similar specialised services.

So, time will tell if the League is able to captivate people’s imagination and offer programming entertaining enough to be watched in the first place. Then, it’s up to Poker Central to attract new audiences and re-attract the people who were disappointed by the lack of original broadcasting on this network and solve the TV broadcasting issue somehow.


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