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Pokerfest at Party Poker

Oktoberfest in Munich and many other places around the world got off without a hitch, but the Pokerfest that was promised to all of us at Party Poker has encountered some ‘technical difficulties’ and was unable to launch yesterday. We promised you there would be fun to be had, especially since $2.5m was guaranteed, but it appears that the 80 event fest has been postponed for nearly a month.

We were super excited about Pokerfest at Party Poker; not only was there the $2.5m in guaranteed prizes, but the 80 event scheduled looked varied and quite entertaining. Factor in the copious amounts of beer that have got to be had during the Poker(October)fest, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. But it wasn’t meant to be.

In Troubled Waters

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September 27th came and went, without Pokerfest starting. The casino’s management cited “performance issues” and the software updated that were installed earlier that week for the disturbances to the smooth running of the site. These issues are “currently being resolved until they are rectified,” we are being told, so there’s not much else to do but hope that the next time the event’s got to start, everything will work out just fine.

Actually, we are quite thankful that the site didn’t decide to run the event with the technical glitches. That would’ve risked not only the money of the players, but the reputation of the site itself. And with the $2.5m guarantees, they probably didn’t want to risk either of those.

Of course, it’s frustrating especially if you had planned to start off your weekend with the Pokerfest, but the company has already issued automatic refunds for all the buy-ins that were purchased. But the event isn’t totally cancelled, merely postponed, so if you are still interested and sticking around, here are the details of the Pokerfest happening in a month’s time.

New Pokerfest Details

The casino is due to release an updated schedule for the event real soon, but for now we know that it will run from 25th of October instead. The tournament will still have the $2.5m guaranteed prize pool, plus a bonus event for the troubles that the players have experienced due to this disruption. Namely, there will be a $50,000 freeroll event held as a compensation.


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