PokerStars Announces Huge Changes; Players in Uproar

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Last week we reported that PokerStars has seen a dramatic drop in its visitor numbers, and the news seems to have sparked a major change at the mobile poker giants. Unfortunately, however, the news has not been welcomed by players at the site, and they are already making their displeasure felt on social media and at online poker sites.

The big piece of news to come from PokerStars HQ is that the world of poker is going to become a more expensive place for PokerStars players. This is because they are going to be increasing their rake fee throughout the site. While this doesn’t mean that prices will get higher, it does mean that prizes will be reduced. For example, PokerStars currently takes 15c from a Sit & Go tournament with a $7 buy-in, meaning that each player contributes $6.85 to the prize pool. Soon, however, this 15c will rise to 18c, making the overall prize pool smaller.

So, you might be thinking that 3c difference isn’t much, and you would be right. This is something that impacts players at the higher end of the scale – an end of the scale that all poker players should be aspiring to. For example, a $1,000 buy-in will see $2 taken from the prize pool per player (that’s $18 less per game for a 9 seat sit & go). And when it comes to large scale tournaments, with hundreds, if not thousands, of players, this disparity will become even more evident.

This change in rake amounts will effect grinders more than anyone else – the people who specialise in making small profits on a regular basis, as a way to boost their bankroll. We don’t agree with this higher rake and will be assessing our list of the Top 10 UK Mobile Poker Sites shortly to see whether PokerStars should stay at number 1.

This change comes very shortly after PokerStars introduced an equally controversial change, namely the changing of currency rates to financially benefit the site. It seems like the new owners of PokerStars are starting to regret their decision to buy it, and are now trying to recoup their money by making the players pay for it.

So, will you keep playing at this site, or are you thinking about switching allegiances to another of the mobile poker sites? If you are going to make a change, make sure you check out all of the promotions on this site before you do, to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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