It’s Official: PokerStars Casino Has Launched

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Back in November, we brought you the news that PokerStars would be adding casino games to its line-up, and today is the day that they finally arrive. PokerStars players now have access to both roulette and blackjack, with other casino games planned for the near future, including slots. Will this massive change be for the better, or will it simply dilute the game of poker and lead to PokerStars neglecting its current players?

New Games

As already stated, PokerStars currently offers just blackjack and roulette at its new casino, however there are many different forms of these games. For example, blackjack fans can play variations such as Classic Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and Double Deck Blackjack, while roulette players can enjoy all the features that a real-life casino would offer to its patrons. Both of these games can be played for real money as well as play money, which is great for those looking for a gentle introduction to the games.

PokerStars Blackjack logoOne feature we really love is the fact that, just like at the poker tables, players can multi-table in the PokerStars Casino! This means that you can play up to four different games at a time, with any combination of blackjack and roulette being possible. Just like multi-tabling on the poker table though, don’t let the extra games distract you from playing the game properly and making as much money as possible.

If anyone is worried about the quality of the games, they just need to take one look at them to realise that they have the same professional, slick and intuitive feel as the PokerStars poker tables. This is mainly due to the fact that they have been developed by the same team responsible for the poker side of the site. In addition to being great for casino fans, it also bodes well for the imminent launch of the PokerStars sports betting platform.

How Will This Impact Poker Players?

Poker players are naturally concerned at the introduction of casino games to their site. Some pros have even taken action at the decision, with two-time EPT winner Victoria Coren-Mitchell leaving the site because of these casino games. PokerStars has moved to counter this concern though, as it has announced that tit will be increasing its spending on both marketing and technology for the poker side of the site.

PokerStars Roulette logoIt should also be remembered that PokerStars have been trialling this in some countries, such as Spain, for quite a while now. This means that it has studied how it has impacted poker and have announced thatits business actually enablesit to invest even more in poker.

What About Mobile Players?

Unfortunately mobile players are not currently able to access casino games yet, but it will almost certainly be something that is offered very soon. Why did we bother to tell you about this development then, if mobile players aren’t affected? Because it’s a massive story, that’s why – it could affect the way in which PokerStars is run and how players perceive it, which makes it big news regardless of the platform you’re using to play on.

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