PokerStars To Enter Danish Sports Betting Market

PokerStars Sports Betting BannerPokerStars are entering the sports betting market in Denmark, after being granted a temporary licence by the Danish Gambling authority. The Amaya Inc. brand has been offering online and mobile poker and casino games to Danish punters for a while now, but were never able to provide them with the thrilling sports betting option. Players can expect to gamble in their favourite sports and support their beloved teams later in 2016. 

Back in April, PokerStars launched their sports betting option and the integration of this highly popular branch of gambling is nearing completion in the UK. Now, it appears that this huge poker brand is serious about sports betting because it’s expanding beyond the UK boarders. It has just been granted a temporary licence to provide this service to sports aficionados in Denmark, a move that could increase the dwindling numbers of registered poker players and boost the total company profits.

Sports Betting For Danes

PokerStars logo on black backgoundDenmark has always been a lucrative gambling market and has capitalised on that via providing online and mobile poker services. However, now the players who wish to diversify their gambling or simply try out something new will be able to do so. Sometime next year, PokerStars will launch their sports betting branch in Denmark after being granted a temporary one year licence, plenty of time to apply for a permanent licence if the service proves to be popular and, of course, profitable.

Eric Hollreiser, VP for corporate communications of Amaya said: “Online betting is an exciting pastime for sports fans and provides a way for them to put their passion and knowledge to the test in competition with friends and other fans.” So, sports betting coming into the Danish market sometime really soon next year, watch out! But what does this all mean for the PokerStars brand; are they going to focus less and less on poker, perhaps causing more stir and player unsatisfaction?

Becoming A Comprehensive Gambling Brand

PokerStars Slots BannerWell, we don’t think so. Although the recent walk-out by players who were largely unhappy with the changes in the VIP scheme were quite shocking, PokerStars remains the world’s largest poker brand. And with less and less people playing online poker and the profits dwindling, it’s only natural that they’d seek to branch out and introduce other types of gambling, sports betting, virtual sports and casino games, such as slots, included.

That said, no one is forcing you to play anything else but poker on PokerStars, but knowing that the option to play some slots or bet for your favourite team in the Olympics is available could make a difference when you are bored of poker. So, although PokerStars have started out with online and mobile poker, they are slowly becoming a comprehensive gambling brand, offering all types of gambling services to players in the UK and abroad, and we welcome that change!

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