PokerStars and Full Tilt to Aid Nepal Earthquake Victims

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It seems PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker (who, of course, have the same parent company – Amaya), have become truly humanitarian. Proving that their support for the victims of the Vanuatu was not a one off concern, the popular poker sites have launched another, similar campaign; this time the effort is to help those affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

About the Earthquake

Some of the most dramatic images and videos from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake came from Everest Base Camp which was completely decimated by an avalanche caused by the quake, but the majority of the victims (which number 5,000 plus at the last count) were regular people going about their normal days.

The combination of its mountainous terrain with its poor infrastructure meant that Nepal was the last place you really wanted to be during an earthquake, and with the country being so small, and the epicentre of the quake so near to the nation’s capital, many people were in harm’s way to begin with.

How can Poker Help?

As with disasters which these sites have fundraised for in the past, Full Tilt and PokerStars have pledged a ‘double match’ on all donations made through their sites. What this means is that for every pound raised by player donations, the sites will donate two pounds on top. All that cash will go to CARE International, and NGO which is mobilising relief efforts in the area. And there’s loads of ways you can donate too.

Of course, there’s the good old fashioned straight donation of cash, but if you want to go more roundabout routes, you could take part in one of the special charity games which has been set up to support the relief effort, or even transfer you unused Frequent Player Points as a donation.

Whether or not the whole fund raising drive is a shameless attempt at self-promotion, at least this kind of self-promotion has the potential to do some real good for people in real need. Even if you’re not regularly a PokerStars or Full Tilt player, what better excuse is there that this to change that habit for a while?

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