PokerStars Launches PrePaid MasterCard

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Just when you though the giant of online and mobile poker PokerStars couldn’t get any more ubiquitous and omnipresent, it announces a brand new product that’ll make sure you always have PokerStars in your pocket (and I’m not talking about a new app). By teaming up with payment processor SafeCharge, PokerStars has been able to release its very own branded MasterCard, which they’ve called – creatively enough – StarsCard.

What you can do with the card

Fundamentally, the card is like any other pre-paid MasterCard: you can use it to buy things anywhere online or on the high street where MasterCard is accepted (i.e. pretty much everywhere). However, there’s more to the card than just that. It can also be used to make direct deposits to and direct withdrawals from your bank account, which is money you can then use either to spend, send to friends and family or play with at PokerStars.

More about the card

The most innovative part of the card is that the account that the money comes in and out of when you use your card is linked to your PokerStars account, meaning that any winnings are automatically available to spend and any money loaded onto the card is automatically available to play with.

The card has been in the pipeline since last December, when SafeCharge expanded its agreement with MasterCard, making it able to issue prepaid cards like this one. As far as we’re aware, it is the first card that is linked to an igaming account and also useable as a normal card. The card is available now to UK players (yay!) and will be rolled out internationally in the coming months.

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