Texas Hold’Em Tourneys Added to TonyBet Poker Schedule

Tonybet Poker LogoIt’s time to get really excited, because TonyBet Poker have included Texas Hold’Em poker into their 2016 schedule of tournaments. Although this independent poker site might not be as known as the big guns, it fosters a loyal community of gamers and offers payouts worthy of anyone’s attention. Now, for the first time ever, TonyBet Poker will offer Texas Hold’Em poker tournaments and many exciting promotions too. We’ve got all the scoop on the details, so you can get in on all the action!

Introducing New Game Variants

TonyBet Poker has had one hell of a year – 2015 was one of the most successful years for this poker site yet. Building on that success and momentum, this poker site that already offers unique software is introducing Texas Hold’Em tournaments, plus many freerolls, goodie giveaways and more, all to to liven up the game and make it more fun.

The site originally offered Chinese Poker only, but seeing tremendous growth and soaring popularity, the network added micro-stakes Hold’em and Omaha games for cash, both of which are on offer rake free. But it appears that this poker site doesn’t intend to stop. To entice leisure poker players and appeal to a wider pool of them with quick games and turn-arounds, TonyBet Poker have added 4-handed and heads-up Hold’em and Omaha while removing the 9-hand tables. This means there will be less sitting around waiting for a tourney and more action-filled fun to be had. Hooray!

There Are Bonuses and Promotions Too

TonyBet Poker Promotion BannerBut the new variants of poker being added isn’t all the news. TonyBet Poker also have introduced some serious promotions, which are supposed to entice players even more. Take the €10,000 daily freerolls for example and what about the €15,000 prize pool in cash games? Furthermore, the TonyBet Winter Festival of Poker coming up at the end of this month, offering up $500,000 CAD guaranteed, all of which just goes to show that this poker site is really stepping up it’s game.

And why shouldn’t they? They’re young, they’re fresh and they’re willing to experiment with various promotions and tournaments, so that they build up a client base of players who love what TonyBet are offering. So if you haven’t joined TonyBet Poker yet, make sure to do so soon and receive a free ticket to a €10 buy-in event with a guaranteed €5,000 prize pool. Right on!

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