Millionaires Made at PokerStars Spin & Go


The sceptical ones among us might see PokerStars Spin & Go as a con – a way to fleece players for their money with the lure of massive wins. The more optimistic would see it as a cheap way to be in with a chance of striking lucky and filling their wallets with loads of cash. And for the first month or so of Spin & Go, the debate rumbled on. Was anyone really winning large prizes? Were the random decisions actually fixed? Had Amaya managed to sink to even lower depths?

Luckily for all involved, it is now clear that PokerStars is doing a great job, with Spin & Go really living up to its billing. The number of millionaires created by Spin & Go now stands at three, with many other players taking home prizes that are also huge.

What is Spin & Go?

Spin & Go is a concept from PokerStars that randomises the total prize pool for certain Sit & Go tournaments. Therefore, you could sit down at a $5 Sit & Go and find that the prize pool is $50, or you could sit down and find that the winners will share a cool $1 million. You won’t know until you’ve entered the game though, which is what adds such an element of excitement to the proceedings.

If you want to find out more please check out this article about Spin & Go.

PokerStars Spin & Go promotion

Who Has Won a Million?

The first winner of the Spin & Go jackpot was one very lucky Russian, with the screen name of “sss66666”, who won a million on the 12th January. This was about a month and a half after the games started. Just one week later, “Tornádo111” from the Czech Republic won the seven figure sum, and they were quickly followed by Canada’s “anushan_2323”.

At this stage, you might be feeling sorry for the poor players who lost these epic Sit & Go games, but please don’t. Even the losers took home $100,000 each, making these truly the luckiest tables to ever exist at PokerStars.

When Will the Next Big Win Come?

Generally speaking, the Sit & Go tables at PokerStars are only supposed to have a maximum prize of 1,200 x the buy-in, but the tables with a million on them are part of a special promotion. It was initially a promotion run over Christmas, but nobody was selected for the million, so PokerStars extended it to run until the end of January. Therefore, there are only a couple of days before the chance to win big will pass. Will anyone do it? It’s all down to luck…

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