Women in Poker Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

Victoria Coren Mitchell and Debbie BurkheadThe long wait is over – two ladies, who will be inducted to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame have been announced as Victoria Coren Mitchell and Debbie Burkhead. You might recall the request for nominations back in January and although the voting process wasn’t entirely smooth, it has yielded two ladies who will be inducted on July 6th at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Vegas.


Coming To The Decision

After a three year long hiatus due to the inactivity of WIPHOF (Women in Poker Hall of Fame), this year finally saw the activities of this organisation resume. And we can only imagine how hard it must have been to select the top poker playing women who can be held as honourable examples in the industry.Women In Poker Hall of Fame Logo

Not only that, but the to-be nominees had to have at least 10 years of poker experience, a track record of promoting women in poker and having had won major poker tournaments. Public votes were cast, the nominees dwindled from dozens to just a handful and ultimately two were selected to be inducted this year.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that the public were meant to vote for their favourites, as well as the media and industry panel. However, due to the abuse of the online voting system that WIPHOF noticed shortly into the process, the panel were the ones selecting this year’s inductees. Namely, the panel includes a variety of people from Scott Long (Ante Up Magazine),  Mathew Parvis (Poker News), Pamela Jones (On Tilt Radio), all the current Hall of Fame members and other people too.

In the end, Victoria Coren Mitchell and Debbie Burkhead will be honoured this year and will join the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, a welcome addition to the Hall, which currently is 17 members strong. The ceremony will be hosted by Jan Fisher and Maria Ho as the keynote speaker, and will take place on July 6th in Vegas.


Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria must be one of the most known figures in women’s poker, not only because she is a journalist, but also because she’s become a mother recently, managing to combine it all. Wearing many masks is her forte: she is a TV personality and a film director, but there’s poker in her busy life too.

Victoria Coren MitchellPlaying poker goes back all the way to Victoria Coren Mitchell’s teenagehood, when she’d play with her brother and his friends simply to check out what they were up to. And that curiosity has paid off handsomely – her lifetime tourney earnings stand at $2.5 million! Not bad, eh? Plus, she’s the first ever two-time winner of poker’s most presitigious tournaments, the European Poker Tour in San Remo in Italy.

Now, Victoria takes another honourable title and will become the first European to become part of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, a great feat for the UK’s most well-known poker player!


Debbie Burkhead

The other inductee to this year’s Women in Poker Hall of Fame is Debbie Burkhead, whose playing career goes all the way back to the 90s. Having started out as a poker writer and editor at Poker Digest, she ran a highly popular column called ‘Debbie Does Poker’ for a decade in the Poker Player Newspaper.

Debbie Burkhead

It was in this column that she often urged for more women to play poker, reporting from women events. She then made a career move to being a sales representative for the paper and also launched Poker Player Cruises in 2010.

She has a track record of being a great poker player and although her total lifetime winnings aren’t as impressive as those of Victoria Coren Mitchell, she did finish in the money on four WSOP events in 2002. Plus, she also won the LIPS (Ladies International Poker Series) National Championship in 2007 and has participated in the WIPHOF activities since 2008, serving as a board member.

Now, it’s her time to shine as the newest inductee, having dedicated her life to promoting the game to everyone, but particularly women. We think both of these ladies are an excellent choice by the panel and extend our warmest congratulations!


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