5 Reasons Why PokerStars Women is a Fantastic Initiative

A Women Showing Two Playcards

You might be aware that PokerStars is world’s No. 1 poker site. They have more than 50 Million active players and are also famous for hosting the World Poker Championship. One more reason why we believe that they are really special is their interesting women-special initiative – PokerStars Women. PokerStars is one of very few sites to launch such an initiative, and organise special events and offer differentiated promotions for women. Based on our detailed evaluation, here we present 5 reasons why we believe that PokerStars Women is fantastic.

1. Exclusive Events for Women

You must not miss PokerStars Women’s women-special events. This is a special activity that is full of fun, joy and prizes. If you wish to know about the latest and upcoming events, please click here.

Women's Sunday Logo2. Women-special Tournaments on Sundays

In order to offer an attractive leisure activity to the working women, PokerStars Women has come-up with an interesting initiative named as Women’s Sunday. Every Sunday, they launch a new tournament that is enjoyed by thousands of working women in the UK. For details, please follow the link Women’s Sunday.

Time Tournkeys3. Women-special Quick Games

If you are really busy with your day-to-day work but still love playing poker at least for few minutes each day, PokerStars Women offers quick games by the name, Time Tourneys. These are 15-minute tournaments tailor-made for those women who really struggle with finding free time during weekdays.

PokerSchoolOnline4. Poker Courses and Trainings for Women

If you are a poker lover and if you wish to learn to play poker or improve your poker strategies, PokerStars Women offers women-special poker courses and poker trainings. This means that before you put down your money, you could train yourself and be a Poker Guru. Head over to the Poker School Online to educate yourself.

5. Excellent Social Media Presence

PokerStars Women initiative is also famous for their up-to-date social media presence. More than 12,000 people follow their Facebook page for the regular updates, whereas their YouTube Channel too is considerably active and popular. Hence, it is very easy for you to keep in touch with their events, offers, and promotions.

Final Words….

Apart from the primary 5 reasons mentioned above, there’s more — the News & Blog, Team PokerStars Pro, and the VIP Club are useful places to visit for online poker players. In short, PokerStars Women is one of a kind, and if you are eligible, go join the league today!

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