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Christmas PresentsAlright, alright… Slam us for being not very original with this Christmas gifts article, but we thought that with the big day coming closer, some might still need a helping hand when it comes to picking the right presents for the poker devotees in their lives. We’ve compiled a list of gifts, both fun and practical, to please even the pickiest of your online poker playing friends. 


5. Playing Cards & Chips

Poker Cards and ChipsYup, we are aware of the fact that this present list article is for online poker players, but it’s always nice to hone one’s card skills at an actual table with mates. And these days, you can get the same cards and chips for poker that casinos, tournaments and professional players all use.

Granted, this isn’t the most original present of them all and probably not a great one if your buddy doesn’t play offline poker, but it can still be a thoughtful way to gift something small and not very expensive too. Just make sure you’re not a cheapskate and get plastic playing cards. Remember the higher quality chips too, otherwise it’s just a waste of your money.


4. Poker Books

Gus Hansen Every Hand Revealed Book CoverIf books aren’t your cup of tea or you prefer to read Newsstand periodicals on your iPad, then skip this section altogether. Yet, for those who enjoy a little printed action now and again, a book about poker will definitely make it to their list of favourite Christmas presents.

There are so many to choose from: Poker strategies, memoirs of famous players, scandalous recounts of championships and everything in between. We’ll allow ourselves to recommend you a few of our favourites.

First, Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen will have you relive the 2007 Aussie Millions Championship hand by hand, offering an exhilarating ride. Then, there is Take Me To The River: A wayward and Perilous Journey to the World Series of Poker by Peter Alson, which also recounts the thrilling finale of 2005 World Series of Poker.


3. Headphones

Parrot Zik HeadphonesWhen you’re into the game and the adrenaline is pumping before you make a win or lose move, the last thing you need is distracting sounds. That’s why noise-cancelling headphones are great. Not only do they provide the peace and quiet that you need to focus on your top game, but they often feature high-quality audio, so that you can blast your favourite tunes too.

Since we think that it’s not only the noise-cancelling function that you need, but excellent sound quality and some stylishness too, we’re sold for Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones. Controlled by a touch-pad or your smartphone, made from stainless steel and leather in a variety of cool colours, these headphones cancel noise and play great music like there’s no tomorrow. But be warned – when you get a pair for a friend, you’ll want them for yourself too!


2. A Huge Monitor

Poker on Four ScreensWe all know that the bigger your monitor, the more poker tables you can fit onto it. Hell, if you have multiple screens, the possibilities are endless.  If you’re serious about online poker, then you’ll have a lot going on your screen and no chance on fitting it all onto your standard desktop.

With 10, 15, 20 and even 25 minimized poker tables that can fit onto a 2560 x 1600 resolution screen, the poker player who receives this gift will be tremendously happy and forever thankful. After all, there is no way around looking at a screen all day if you love online poker! Without going thousands of pounds into overdraft for this present, why not check out Lenovo’s newest 30 inch offering?


1. Poker Training Course

Advanced Poker Training LogoAdvanced Poker Training really are the best guys out there that can take your beginner online poker skills and make you into a tournament busting beast. We’re pretty sure that any and all online poker players would enjoy this present very much, especially since Advanced Poker Training offer courses for different levels of poker skill, so you can find something for everyone.

Their courses are scientifically proven to help improve poker skills – these guys are for real. And it’s real handy that this company offers gift cards, making it a perfect gift if you don’t know exactly which course to get. Your friend can choose for themselves and thank you for the awesome and very thoughtful gift indeed!

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