Are Full Tilt’s New Rewards a Good Deal?

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Loyalty programmes are pretty common at online poker sites, but have you ever come across a site that lets you choose what type of a VIP scheme you wish to participate in? Well, Full Tilt Poker unveiled their new rewards programme a couple of days ago, and when it’s fully launched, players will be able to choose between participating in the old but revamped ‘Edge’ programme or the new ‘Players Club’ scheme.

In With the New

‘Players Club’ is a brand new proposition by Full Tilt, and it is a breath of fresh air, because it finally brings rewards to as many loyal poker players as possible and not only the high rollers. At the very centre of it is The Deal – a game that will be quick, fun and offer up all sorts of goodies. Anything and everything from tickets, cash and even a progressive jackpot starting at $100,000 will be accessible to all ‘Players Club’ members.Full Tilt Poker Logo

The best news about this new loyalty scheme is that if you are just a recreational player of poker, you can get a chance of winning that jackpot most of the times you play. So, dollars are distributed pretty evenly and the best rewards and prizes aren’t just for the “big shots”, so to speak.

Furthermore, as explained by the managing director at Full Tilt, Players Club will more than double the amount they give away in free-roll tournaments and mystery prizes will be gifted to those who play at Full Tilt regularly. Finally, during the introductory month of Players Club, these rewards will be even bigger still to make a nice buffer from the old system to the new.

Out With the Old

Full Tilt Edge ProgrammeWell, not completely out. The old rewards programme called ‘Edge’ hasn’t totally gone out the window, but has gotten a considerable make-over. The programme will now be a three tiered system and the players will still be able to collect Full Tilt Points (FTP), but their level of cashback will be based on the average of cumulative points earned over 30 and 100 day periods as opposed to point totals before the change.

Of course there is a catch – the rate of cashback that loyal players get from the ‘Edge’ will be lower, but not considerably so. These are the levels and the number of FTPs required to reach them:

  • Edge ($1 per FTP): reach by achieving a 30-day average of 80 FTPs or 100-day average of 70 FTPs
  • Edge Plus ($1.50 per FTP): reach by achieving a 30-day average of 250 FTPs or 100-day average of 150 FTPs
  • Edge Prime ($2 per FTP, plus convert points to cash at $1 per 250 FTP): reach by achieving a 30-day average of 500 FTPs or 100-day average of 400 FTPs

Counteracting the lower cashback ‘margins’ will be the bonus rewards that will be available to those, who climb to the very top positions of the leader board. Furthermore, players will be able to increase their rewards by not only playing in games that currently get lower than average traffic, but also when they keep on playing at those games.


Which one is more profitable?

All the details about the loyalty systems aside, the most pertinent question is which one is more profitable for the players? Well, that depends on what kind of a player you are. Since the larger-than-life benefits were removed from the high-rollers to “distribute more loyalty dollars to recreational players”, it would seem that now, casual players are rewarded more.

Goldfish Jumping From Bowl

Is it worth making the switch?

And indeed, with the tournament money, the bonus prizes and the new game Deal offering up all kinds of rewards, the new system is quite profitable. Those players who log on a few times a week and spend a reasonable amount of money will now stand a chance to win the jackpot of $100,000 pretty much every single time they log on, as well as their fair share of the other prizes.

On the other hand, high-rollers must be sulking in a dark corner somewhere, because they’ve largely been stripped of the massive VIP benefits they used to get. As was already mentioned, the rate of cashback generated via the Edge programme was considerably lowered, so now, high-rollers will be left wrestling for the same tournament money and random prizes that all of the other players have equal chances of getting.

In a way, it’s a Robin Hood-isation of the loyalty scheme at Full Tilt. Depending on which side you are on, you will either miss out on more loyalty benefits and be prompted to perhaps look elsewhere for them, or you will rejoice at this news. Either way, Full Tilt is on a roll, just recently adding a full casino games suite and revealing plans to reshape their poker offerings. It will be exciting to see what’s to come for Full Tilt, so watch this space for more news and the latest details on their new loyalty scheme.

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