Introduction to the Opinions Section

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At Droid Poker, we have some very strong opinions about the world of mobile poker – and this is where you’ll get to see us vent them! Sure, you might not completely agree with what we have to say, but they should provoke some kind of discussion surrounding the big issues facing the industry as a whole. Just remember that, whether you agree or not, we’d love to hear your views on what we have to say, so why not start a debate by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article?

But what exactly are we going to be getting our haunches up about? Well, perhaps the biggest focus of our attention will be the way in which the various sites are developing. We are on the players’ side, and therefore we want to see places like mFortune and Party Poker treating their players royally. If they don’t supply the Winner Poker Logo, improve their games or provide great customer service, we’ll be sure to voice our opinions on them right here. Of course, we also give credit where credit is due, so we’ll also provide our opinions on the good things mobile poker sites are doing too – and there are definitely lots of good things to talk about.

We will also be letting everyone know about our thoughts on a variety of other topics too. These range from the effectiveness of different strategies, through to any changes in the regulation of mobile poker. Basically, whenever something new happens (or doesn’t happen) in any facet of mobile poker, we are almost certain to have an opinion on it!

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