Poker Tournaments Worth Travelling For In 2016

Man Playing Poker on BeachAs the year is coming to a close and 2016 looms on the horizon, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the most exciting poker tournaments that will take place next year. And this time, it’s not the online ones that we’re interested in, but the location based tourneys. So, we wouldn’t just get to play poker, but also visit a cool destination and travel a bit too. Read at your own risk – you might get wanderlust and want to travel to each of the top five poker tournaments of 2016!We often promise ourselves, as part of the New Year’s resolution, that we will travel more, stay at awesome hotels and part-take in even awesome’er tourneys. Well, we’ve scoured the internet and selected the best poker tournaments taking place next year that are worth travelling for.

5. PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

PokerStars Caribbean AdventureComing up real soon (January 6 – January 14), this is a staple tournament of the poker world and people travel from all over the world to the island of Nassau to part-take. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is exactly what it says it is: held in the famed Atlantis hotel for fourteen years already, the 2016 tournament promises to be the biggest and the best yet!

There will be over 100 events, a wide range of buy-ins that start at just $120. Meanwhile, the $5,300 Main Event will be taking place January 8 to January 14, so you still have got a chance to participate in the satellites to get a foot in the door.

And you will definitely want to do that not only because of poker, but also because the destination is very cool. Atlantis hotel offers swimming pools, multiple beaches, a mini water park complete with lazy river, an 18 hole golf course, a dolphin centre and much more! All in all, plenty for you (and your family if you bring them along) to get involved in. 

4. EPT Monte Carlo

EPT Final Monte Carlo BannerA classic tourney – European Poker Tour (EPT) is like the premier league in football. It’s always full of action and it will never disappoint you, no matter which scheduled location you visit. In February 2016, everyone will be heading to Dublin, so you might want to hop across to the Emerald Isle for some great European poker action.

Yet, as always, a magnificent end to a great circuit, the EPT blows out in Monaco. So if it’s always been your dream, why not make it a reality this year? Not only is the poker on offer, but Monaco is gorgeous and offers so much sightseeing and people watching too, that you’ll never want to leave.

It’s also the most attended EPT stop, because the French Riviera is beautiful and accessible, as is northern Italy. Yes, things will get pricey especially in Monaco, but there are always budget options for those who seek them out. Book off April 25 to May 6 for the EPT Grand Final in Monaco.

3. Asia Championship of Poker

Asia Championship of Poker in Macau Banner

Yet another destination on our bucket list, Macau is a gambling haven and every self-respecting poker player should travel at least once. So if the PokerStars’ Caribbean Adventure is happening too soon in the year and you like to plan further ahead, then maybe the Asian Championship of Poker (ACOP) in Macau happening October 28 – November 13 will be just right?

Not only is ACOP the biggest and the most lucrative poker tournament in Asia, taking place in the PokerStars’ LIVE Macau poker room. Two weeks filled with action, high guarantees and top players? You bet that it will be fun!

Plus, you’ve got Macau to explore. This city-peninsula located in China is a place of many faces. On one hand, you’ve got your fortresses and churches, it’s rich Portuguese cultural and food heritage – almost making it the Mediterranean in Asia. Yet, on the other side is the Macau that’s super famous for gambling and casinos, with hundreds of places to place a wager and party all night. Tempted yet?

2. Aussie Millions

Aussie Millions Poker Championship Banner

We’ve gone to Asia with Macau and now we’re heading down under with the Aussie Millions poker tournament. Taking place January 13 – February 1 in Melbourne, this tourney is held at the prestigious Crown Melbourne casino. So, there is little wonder that players from around the world make plans to get to Aussie Millions a year in advance.

That’s not only because the tournament schedule is packed with great events and generous cash prize pools, but also because Australia is a hot destination in itself. This year, the schedule has got 24 tournaments featuring $10K Main Event, the $100K High Roller event and everything in between.

And when you’re done playing, or if you want to send your friends or family sightseeing while you’re at ‘work’, they can go diving with sharks, visit museums, check out sports events and much more. Don’t forget that January in Australia is the middle of the summer, so brace for scorching temperatures and head for the beach in your spare time.

1. World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

The crown jewel, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the major poker event in the world. Held each summer in the sin (and desert) city of Vegas in the state of Nevada, this years schedule hasn’t been yet released, but it probably won’t be much different from last year’s circuit finale. There were 68 tournaments with cash games suitable for every type of player from amateur to professional.

While the event takes place at Rio Suite Hotel and Casino, there are other, more affordable, accommodation options too. Since the tournaments drags out for weeks and weeks, many players have their family join them in Vegas, because there is so much to do. There aren’t just the casinos and the infamous Vegas strip to visit, but is also the Grand Canyon, the Mojave Preserve and many other outdoorsy type of places worth visiting.

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