Why PokerStars is the #1 Mobile Poker Site

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There are many arguments throughout the mobile poker world, with different opinions clashing over many different factors. In our opinion however, there is one indisputable fact: PokerStars is the premier place for all mobile poker players to get dealt in and pit their wits against other poker fans. But why exactly is this? This article will tell you 5 reasons why we love this site more than any other…

1. 50,000,000 People Can’t Be Wrong

PokerStars has about 50,000,000 people signed up to their site – yes, you read that correctly, 50 million! That’s a number nearly as large as the total population of the UK and they don’t even accept US players, making the number even more remarkable. Okay, so not all these players are on the site at the same time, but it does mean that whenever you log on, there will be hundreds of thousands of players waiting to battle with you for your money.

But what does this huge player base mean exactly? Well, as all poker players know, there is nothing worse than logging on and then having to wait for ages to get a game. Smaller sites can take over 5 minutes to find you a game sometimes, and by this time boredom has taken over and the idea of playing poker is looking less appealing. This won’t happen on PokerStars. If you take any longer than 30 seconds to find a game, you clearly aren’t looking very hard! So, 50,000,000 people = instant poker, whenever you want it!

2. It’s Where the Big Boys (and Girls) Hang Out

Team PokerStars portraitDaniel Negreanu. ElKy, Vanessa Selbst, Eugene Katchalov, Jason Mercier. What links all of these giants of the poker world, aside from the fact that they are seen at some of the biggest games in the world and are celebrities in their own right? Yep, that’s correct – they all regularly log on to PokerStars and play at tables of all levels. This means that, when playing on PokerStars, you could possibly bump into a WSOP Bracelet winner during a $0.05/$0.10 game of Hold ‘Em, as well as at the nosebleed stakes games. You can even search for them, to see if there is a place at their table waiting for you!

But why should this matter? After all, playing against these behemoths is likely to simply result in you losing your money in a flash, isn’t it? Well, that’s not the point. These guys and gals make their living from poker and wouldn’t play at a substandard site. The fact that they all choose PokerStars should give you a good indication of how good the site really is. And if they do take your money, it will be something you can tell your poker-playing friends about every time you sit down for a quiet home game…

3. Money Talks

Why do you play poker? Sure, there’s the enjoyment of outwitting opponents, the social aspect and the adrenaline rush. But there is one reason above all others why the vast majority of people log into their favourite mobile poker site – to win as much money as they possibly can. The dream of all players is to strike it lucky in a large tourney, or fight their way to riches in a high stakes sit and go, and those with lofty aspirations are best advised to play at PokerStars.

The thing about PokerStars is that they are rich – really rich. The huge player base and massive worldwide exposure means that they have money to burn. This means that they can afford to offer the biggest prizes around, with some tournaments offering guaranteed pots of millions (see our article about the Pokerstars SCOOP tournament). Sure, other sites also offer large prizes, but not as regularly as PokerStars – you’ll find huge tournaments on a daily basis here, instead of having to wait until the last Sunday of month. If you are short on cash to play with, these big tournaments can also be entered by winning tickets in other tournaments, meaning that, for example, a tournament that costs $100+ to enter can cost just a few dollars if you are lucky.

4. Play Fast for Maximum Profit

PokerStars Zoom! Poker logoYou know what it can be like – you’re on your lunch break, and want to fire off a few hands, so you don’t have to get into a conversation with Norman from HR. You log on and find yourself on the slowest table in existence, with every player using their full time allocation to make decisions. So, you end up playing one hand and give up, resigned to the fact that your conversation with Norman is about to happen…

This need not happen on PokerStars though, as they have an excellent feature entitled Zoom! Poker. When you fold a hand, you are whisked off to another table to begin your next hand immediately – no more waiting and more hands than ever before. Sure, 888Poker, Party Poker and FTP offer this feature too, but it still sets PokerStars apart from the rest of the mobile poker sites out there.

One other fact to mention here is that PokerStars also lets you play up to five tables at once, which is more than any other site. This means that those who don’t like the Zoom! Poker format can still get loads of hands in, although they’ll have to find up to five times as many buy-ins in order to do so.

5. Great Account Management

One of the massive failings of many mobile poker sites is the fact that they don’t allow you to deposit, withdraw or change account details on a mobile device. This means that you always have to ensure there’s money in your account, otherwise you might not be able to play until you get home – a real problem if you’ve earmarked a specific tournament you want to enter while you are away from your abode. PokerStars, however, allows all this on their mobile platform, making mobile poker as easy and convenient as their desktop offering.


So, PokerStars is without doubt the best play to get your share of poker while on the move. To find out more, why not check out our article on the Top 10 UK Mobile Poker Sites – you’ll never guess which site happens to take the number one position!

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