Why Zoom! Poker is the Best Poker Invention in Years

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For those of you who don’t know, PokerStars Zoom! is quickly becoming the most popular way for mobile players to get their fix of poker. Long gone are the days of just ring games and a few meagre tournaments – now PokerStars brings its biggest weapons to the mobile table, and Zoom! Poker is undoubtedly the biggest.

You could be forgiven for refusing to play this type of the game. After all, it doesn’t conform to what many see as “true” poker – the long battles between players, trying to outwit each other over hundreds of hands – and this leaves us feeling like we are not taking part in the real deal, instead settling for a modern, mainstream alternative. But you should cast aside your concerns and instead embrace Zoom! Poker. After all, in our humble opinion, it is the greatest thing to come to mobile poker since poker’s own mobile inception.

No More Waiting

Poker is, and always has been, a game for those looking to win money. There’s no denying the simple fact that increasing one’s bank balance is the sole aim of the game. Sure, we have fun doing it, and revel in the joy of outsmarting everyone else at the table. Without money though, we probably wouldn’t play at all. And how, we ask, do you win any money when you have to wait five minutes for every hand to start, thanks to the slow players to your left?

The answer is, as you might expect, Zoom! Poker. You see, Zoom! Poker allows you to fold a hand instantly, and immediately be transported to another table, with a hand dealt to you as soon as you are seated. No more waiting for someone to make that over thoughtful decision about whether to call $1 when they clearly have an unbeatable hand. This means that, with Zoom! Poker, it is easily possible to play 3-4 hands per minute, as opposed to 3-4 every ten minutes.

This is particularly important for those playing on their mobile phone. Just think: when are people most likely to play on their mobile? It isn’t when they are relaxing at home, as most people have laptops or desktops for this. Instead, it is during their 30 minute lunch break, or the 10 minute bus ride to work. And during these small periods, time really is money, Waiting for hands to finish means less hands being played overall, which in turn leads to less money. Fold the rubbish, move on immediately, and play the premium hands ASAP. Then watch as you earn as much during your lunch break as you do throughout the whole rest of the day.

Aggressive Play is Rewarded

When playing a ring game, or even a low-stakes tournament, you’ll always run into that one player who insists on calling everything (if you don’t, it’s probably you, meaning you need to rethink your strategy as soon as possible). This inevitably leads to the table shutting down, with everyone afraid to make that bluff, or even chance their arm with a semi-bluff. And the reason why they call? Boredom – people want to be entertained, so they click the “call” button because they want that thrill.

With Zoom! Poker, it is completely different. You see, instead of waiting there bored for the hand to finish, the loose calling station will feel much happier in the knowledge that they actually can fold, because they’ll get two new cards in front of them instantly. Therefore, they don’t bother risking their money. This means that you get to play real poker, the kind of poker seen on TV and movies. The kind of poker that allows you to shove all-in with a bluff. After all, who wants to call a big bet when they could have another strong hand within a minute or two? So, aggressive play is a real winner in Zoom! Poker, and we all know that aggressive play is also great fun!

Want to be a VIP?

When it comes to poker, there is one thing that comes just behind money in the desirability stakes: VPPs. These points are handed out to players every time they play a hand of poker, and they build up within a player’s profile. Once they reach a certain number, a player’s level will be raised, which offers all kinds of new and exciting benefits.

The problem with trying to accumulate VPPs is a simple one: you need to play a large number of hands to get a significant amount of them. Unless you are a multi-table expert, the chances are you will only ever get to the second or third tier of PokerStars’ VIP levels. Unless you play Zoom! Poker. As already discussed, Zoom! Poker offers a much higher number of hands per hour than standard poker. More hands equals more VPPs, and therefore you have the chance to build them up like a pro. And the higher your VIP level, the more you will get, such prizes like freerolls and extra content in their store. Get high enough and you might even reach Supernova level, and the prizes that brings


So, as you can see, the new kid on the block is one that should be taken seriously. Put aside your concerns about its acceptability as a “real” form of poker and instead see it for what it is: a game that offers loads of thrills, and the chance to earn huge amounts more money over a short time. It’s got our seal of approval, and that is really hard to earn…

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