Top 10 UK Mobile Poker Games

Top 10 Image in Red LettersIf you are new to the world of mobile poker, you’ll almost certainly be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different poker games out there. There’s table games, video poker and various styles of tournaments, but which is going to be best for you? Of course, the best way to decide this is to give them all a go – this will certainly teach you a huge amount about mobile poker – but we’ve decide to help you along a little bit. Therefore, we’ve created this article – the top 10 mobile poker games!

You’ll see in this article that there are two different styles of poker found in this list, namely table poker games and video poker. You’ll be able to see the difference between the two, but please don’t limit yourself to just one style. Both types of game have cross-over skills, meaning that you’ll develop your game massively by playing every type of poker possible. Anyway, that’s enough chat: let’s get to the real purpose of this article – showing you the best mobile poker games to play on your device!


1. No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is without doubt the number one form of poker on the planet. It’s the one you’ll see on TV and the one offered by nearly every single table poker site – plus it is also the form of poker that offers the biggest returns to any poker player. Additionally, it comes in many different table formats, including cash games, tournaments (which can be further broken down into types) and sit & go tournaments.

But how do you play No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em? Well, there’s not enough space here for a full run-down of the rules and tactics, but we do have a hugely detailed article on the subject, which can be accessed by clicking here. In a nutshell though, you are dealt two cards, which are private to you. Five cards are then dealt in stages, face up onto the table. Players must make the best five card hand from the total of seven cards available to them. Of course, the best hand doesn’t always win though, as bluffing plays a massive part in this form of the game.

Another reason why we rate No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em as the best form of mobile poker comes down to numbers. More people play this form of the game than any other, therefore meaning that you’ll always find somewhere to play. What’s more, these people are of differing abilities, which means novices can play against other novices, while experienced players can raise the stakes and play against other good players. This is incredibly important for new players, as some other forms of the game are less popular, therefore meaning that newbies sometimes have to play against more experienced players straight away – something that will invariably lead to big losses. So, start with this game, build your skills and then progress onto other forms of the game!

We could talk for hours about No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em – and we do throughout Droid Poker – but that’s all we are saying for the moment. All you need to do now is look at our Top 10 UK Mobile Poker Sites article to choose where to play, before you can start playing No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em on your mobile device!

Winnings / Jackpots: There’s no limit to how much you can win!

Best Place to Play: Pokerstars

Also found at: PKR, 888Poker, Bwin, Full Tilt Poker (Rush Poker only), Party Poker, Switch Poker, Winner Poker

Table / Video Poker: Table

Rating: Five Stars

Play No Limit at PokerStars


2. Rush Poker

While the fact that Full Tilt Poker (FTP) only offers Rush Poker on their mobile site is disappointing, the fact that Rush Poker is an amazingly good game manages to keep FTP in our good books. It’s fast paced and exciting, and is perfect for those with only a limited amount of time to play – plus the amount of money you could win is absolutely staggering! There’s certainly no chance to get bored when you log on to Full Tilt Poker with your mobile.

So what is Rush Poker? The answer is simple: it’s like normal Texas Hold ‘Em, but on steroids. In a regular game, you’ll have to wait for everyone else to finish before you get dealt your next hand, but this isn’t the case with Rush Poker. Instead, as soon as you fold, you’ll be whisked off to another table and dealt a new hand, meaning there are no boring lulls in this form of the game – lulls that can now be filled with massive wins and exciting action! In fact, it is estimated that Rush Poker allows you to play 3x as many hands when compared to regular poker. It’s currently only available for Texas Hold ‘Em, but if FTP add more games to this type of play, it could well rise to number one on this list!

It should be noted that other sites also offer variations on this style of play. For example, Pokerstars have Zoom! Poker, while 888Poker have also joined the party with Snap Poker. So why have we chosen Full Tilt Poker’s offering over these? Well, it is simple: this is all Full Tilt Poker offers, therefore they can concentrate fully on making it as good as possible. While Pokerstars is an overall better site than FTP, Rush Poker beats Zoom! Poker hands down. Snap Poker is quite new, so we are reserving judgement on 888Poker’s alternative for the moment…

So, any poker playing adrenaline junkies should head to Full Tilt Poker as soon as possible. More hands means more potential winnings – as well as no falling asleep waiting for the player who always takes his full time bank to make decisions!

Winning / Jackpots: With 3x as much action, you could win 3x more money than at regular poker tables!

Best Place to Play: Full Tilt Poker

Also Found at: Rush Poker is only found at Full Tilt Poker, however there are similar alternatives at Pokerstars and 888Poker

Table / Video Poker: Table

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Play Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker


3. Jacks or Better

This is the first of the video poker games to make it on to our list – and it really has to be good to beat some of the more traditional table poker games! We’ve picked this form of video poker due to the fact that it’s the most popular form out there, played by loads of people throughout the world – online, on their mobiles and in real casinos. What’s more, it is really simple to play, meaning that even complete novices can get up-and-running within just a few minutes – a first few minutes that could even yield a big win!

Playing Jacks or Better is a really great way to pass a few minutes – or indeed a few hours – making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for some lunch-break entertainment. The premise is simple: you’re dealt five cards, and you then choose how many to keep, and how many to swap. If you manage to make a hand better than a pair of Jacks, you’ll win a cash prize. Some games of Jacks or Better also offer players the chance to double their winnings by guessing if a card will be higher or lower than the dealer’s, however this actually makes the game more like Hi Lo Poker – which can be found further down this list.

Jacks or Better is the best video poker game out there. Don’t take our word for it though: head over to one of the sites offering this game and try it out for yourself!

Winning/Jackpots: Most sites offer around 4000 credits for a Royal Flush, when playing at the highest stakes.

Best Place to Play: Bet365

Also Found at: Winner, Betfred, Kerching,, Roxy Palace, Royal Vegas, All Slots, Paddy Power, 32Red, Unibet, Platinum Play, Red Flush, Ladbrokes

Table/Video Poker: Video Poker

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Play Jacks or Better at Bet365


4. Omaha

While going through the different types of poker available on many mobile poker sites, you’ll undoubtedly have seen a game called Omaha. Then you’ve probably ignored it before then clicking on a game of Hold ‘Em. We think you should be a bit more adventurous though! Omaha is a great game, full of skill and excitement – plus you can win some serious money, if you are good enough! Sure, the players are generally better than those playing Hold ‘Em, but that means they’ll be more willing to put down big amounts.

Omaha is one of those games that’s easy to learn, but very difficult to master. The basic premise is to use the four hole cards dealt to you, in conjunction with the five cards on the board, to make the best five card poker hand. Here’s the twist though: you have to use exactly two of your hole cards, plus three board cards. Therefore, working out hands is much more complex than standard Hold ‘Em. If you like a challenge though, Omaha will certainly stretch those brain cells! Once you’ve understood how to play Omaha, you’ll be able to progress to other variations, such as Omaha Hi-Lo and 5 Card Omaha.

So, if you like the sound of Omaha, why not head to one of the mobile poker sites out there and give it a go? If you’ve never played before, we’d recommend using the play money option to find your bearings first, before then jumping to the real money tables and seeing how much cash you can win!

Winning/Jackpots: The only thing limiting the amount you win is how good you are!

Best Place to Play: PKR

Also Found at: Pokerstars, 888Poker, Unibet, Sky Poker, Full Tilt Poker (Rush Poker only)

Table/Video Poker: Table

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Play Omaha at PKR


5. Hold ‘Em Sit & Go

Now for something a little bit different. We’ve already mentioned Texas Hold ‘Em on this page, but what we haven’t done is really mentioned the best way to play it (aside from the excellent Rush Poker). That’s why Sit & Go tournaments come next in our list – and they are the perfect way to get the excitement of a poker tournament in just a short amount of time. So, you could be a tournament winner in the time it takes for your bus to get from work to home! What’s more, the prizes you win are reasonably high too – first place usually takes around 3.5x their stake in six-handed games.

But what are Sit & Go tournaments? Well, they are like tournaments, but much shorter. You’ll pay a standard buy-in (ranging from a few pounds up to hundreds) and will then battle to finish near the top of the leaderboard. If you do, money will be coming your way. But this sounds like a standard tournament though? Yes, it is, but Sit & Go tournaments are generally short on players and also start when the prerequisite number of players have enrolled – there are no late entries and no “this tourney will start at 15:00, regardless of how many players are signed up”. They’re simple, quick and a great way to win – which is why we love them so much!

We’ve got an article dedicated to filling you in with the ins and outs of Sit & Go tournament play, so why not head there before placing your hard-earned cash onto the poker table? Start at the low stakes and you’ll find enough fish there to keep you in the profit – and remember that holding steady for the first 10 minutes is the best way to get success in this type of game.

Winning/Jackpots: First place gets around 35-60% of the pot, depending on the number of players

Best Place to Play: Pokerstars

Also Found at: 888Poker, Winner, PKR, Sky Poker

Table/Video Poker: Table

Rating: 4 Stars

Play Sit & Go Poker at PokerStars


6. Aces and Eights

After Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights is probably the second most popular style of video poker found across all mobile casinos – and it provides thrills aplenty, as well as some great jackpot opportunities! The rules are actually pretty much the same as the aforementioned Jacks or Better, aside from the fact that getting four Aces or four Eights leads to a mammoth payout – usually second only to a Royal Flush.

There are various tactics you can use in order to increase your odds of winning when playing this game, and you can find these in our Aces and Eights strategy guide. It must be remembered though that this is predominantly a game of luck, not skill. Who cares though, when that luck wins you up to 4000 coins? Of course, your bread and butter for this game will be the smaller wins however, so don’t go over the top chasing the big win, at the expense of the smaller ones.

Here’s a random piece of information for you – what makes Aces and Eights the two most infamous cards in the poker world? The answer lies with the legendary gambler Wild Bill Hickok. One day, while playing poker, he was shot dead, and guess what cards he was holding? That’s right, an Ace and an Eight, which means that A8 in Hold ‘Em is now referred to as the Dead Man’s Hand.

Winning/Jackpots: Those playing at the highest stakes can generally win about 4000 coins when they hit a Royal Flush

Best Place to Play: 32Red

Also Found at: Jackpot City, Ladbrokes, Platinum Play, Red Flush, Roxy Palace, Royal Vegas, All Slots, Wild Jack

Table/Video Poker: Table

Rating: 4 Stars

Play Aces & Eights at 32Red


7. MTTs (Multi-Table Tournaments)

Thousands of players, all with the same goal: to be the last player standing and the recipient of a massive bundle of cash. This is what you could experience if you sign up for one of the many MTTs found on mobile poker sites, and even coming in 100th place can bring in a nice boost to your bank balance. Sure, winning one of these tournaments doesn’t happen too often, but with just one win you could have enough cash for that brand new Ferrari you’ve always wanted…

What exactly are MTTs though? Well, they are huge tournaments that take place over many different tables. As the tournament progresses, and more and more players are eliminated, the number of tables is reduced, until there is just one. The last player standing is the winner (although deals can be made to split the winnings before then). To find out more, take a look at our tournament guide – it’s crammed full of great advice to increase your MTT winnings!

MTTs are found on most major mobile poker sites, although the bigger the site, the better the MTTs generally are. This is due to the fact that MTTs require one thing above all others: a huge pool of players. Therefore, Pokerstars is the best place for MTTs, as they have 10x more players than anywhere else.

Winning/Jackpots: If you come first in a big tournament, you could win hundreds of thousands!

Best Place to Play: Pokerstars

Also Found at: 888Poker, Winner, Sky Poker

Table/Video Poker: Table Poker

Rating: 4 Stars

Play MTTs at PokerStars


8. Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

The vast majority of tables on any mobile poker site will be dedicated to No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, and most people will only ever play the Pot Limit version when they accidently click on the wrong tab! And that’ll be it: a couple of hands, realise they’ve made a mistake, and head off back to their usual game. Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘Em presents a huge range of new challenges to any poker player, and can really help with other forms of poker too, so next time you make that accidental click, hang around a while and try Pot Limit out for size…

The rules of Pot Limit are exactly the same as No Limit, which makes this game an easy transition for more experienced Hold ‘Em players. The only difference relates to the amount of money that can be bet. As the names suggest, No Limit means you can bet as much as you want. Pot Limit, on the other hand, means that you can only bet the same amount (or less) as is in the pot. This restricts betting somewhat and therefore makes the games more tactical, and spread over a longer period of time.

If you want a further insight into the fascinating – although often forgotten – world of Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, why not check out our comprehensive strategy guides? After that, get on to your favourite mobile poker site and hit the play money rooms, until you are confident to take on the big boys in real cash games!

Winning/Jackpots: As much as you possibly can, although potential winnings are generally smaller than No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

Best Place to Play: Pokerstars

Also Found at: PKR, Bwin, Party Poker, Unibet, Sky Poker, Full Tilt Poker (Rush Poker only)

Table/Video Poker: Table

Rating: 4 Stars

Play Pot Limit at PokerStars


9. Hi Lo Poker

Here comes another video poker game – and this one is found on loads of different mobile casinos, with thousands of players hoping to win the jackpot every single day. You might have already read the section on Jacks or Better above, and Hi Lo Poker is pretty much the same. The only difference is that, once the hand has been completed, you’ll have the chance to double the winnings by playing a game of Higher or Lower with the dealer. This can lead to massive rewards – but be cautious, as you’ll see below…

You might be asking why, if this has more features and better wins than Jacks or Better, Hi Lo Poker isn’t higher up the list. Well, the answer is simple: we love the initial part of the game, but the higher/lower part isn’t our thing. We think it’s just a way for the casino to claw back their money – after all, do you really think that most people win in the higher/lower part of the game? Our advice is this: when you play Hi Lo Poker, never take the option to double your winnings. After all, one in the hand is better than two in the bush!

If you do want to give Hi Lo Poker a go, head over to one of the sites listed below. While you are there, try some of the other poker games on offer, so you can find the one that you like most! Then tell us all about it – we love to hear about your mobile poker opinions!

Winning/Jackpots: 4000 coins at the highest stakes, although this can be doubled by beating the dealer at higher/lower.

Best Place to Play: mFortune

Also Found at: Unibet, Pocket Win

Table/Video Poker: Video Poker

Rating: 4 Stars

Play Hi Lo Poker at mFortune


10. Deuces Wild

Finishing off our list of the top 10 mobile poker games is Deuces Wild, which is another variation on the popular video poker game. It is based on the standard Jacks or Better theme, but has a great twist – a twist that allows players to potentially win more money than ever before! Don’t just take our word for it though – head over to your favourite mobile casino and have a go for yourself! You should be able to pick it up in just a few hands, especially if you’ve played other forms of video poker before…

So, what is the twist with this type of video poker? Well, as the name suggests, the deuces (2s) are classed as wild cards, therefore meaning that they can be used to replace any other card in the deck. In turn, this means that the chances of creating a large hand are increased somewhat. Unfortunately, players can’t have it all their own way, as the casinos have decided that due to the wild cards, only hands of 3 of a kind or higher will merit a payout. It’s swings and roundabouts really – the fact that the wild deuces increase the excitement by so much is the reason why this game makes our top 10 mobile poker games!

Perhaps the reason why this game doesn’t come higher is a simple one – it is solely down to the fact that it isn’t as established as the other video poker games in this list. If this game proves it can last the test of time, we’ll almost certainly allow it to move higher and higher up the list. There’s really no reason why it couldn’t unseat Jacks or Better from the number one video poker game spot!

Winning/Jackpots: When playing at the highest stakes, the jackpot should be at least 4000 coins.

Best Place to Play: All Slots

Also Found at: Royal Vegas, Roxy Palace, 32Red

Table/Video Poker: Video Poker

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Play Deuces Wild at All Slots

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